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racing chicken and egg


It was ancient philosopher Aristotle who first posed the question: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?". Who would have thought that it would be you and us here, who would provide the world with the answer it's been seeking for centuries! The Racing Chicken and Egg is one way to solve the eternal puzzle of which indeed came first. But that's not all! These novelty wind-up racers can help you solve most conundrums, arguments, debates and disagreements with a turn of their winders! The Chicken is blessed with powerful drumsticks and a rather sporty headband (which surely must take a couple of seconds of his time), whilst the Egg is no slouch either in his high performance, no doubt ridiculously expensive, track shoes to hurl him down the track at a rate of, well the rate of an egg in track shoes. A crack-up of a gift any time of year – the egg is the symbol of life – and this pair will add a bit of life and harmless fun anywhere you unleash them. Unlike the tortoise and the hare who have a moral to their match-up – the Racing Chicken and Egg are purely for our mindless amusement. Off the record, we here are just a tad concerned about the size of the egg in relation to the size of the chicken - trying to lay that must have brought tears to the eyes (and it may indeed account for the chicken's rather comical walking style). 3.1(H) x 1.6(W) x 2.4(D) inches / 8(H) x 4(W) x 6(D) cm. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts which may constitute a choking hazard

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