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compact mirror caution

Like the BFF who kindly informs you that your lipsticks smudged or you have spinach in your teeth, t..


guest book bed

No ordinary guest book, this between-the-sheets tome offers provocative prompts and ample doodle spa..


guest book dinner party

No ordinary guest album, this unique dinner-party book helps guests eat, drink, and be deliciously w..


large pad holiday list -45%

large pad holiday list

Need to jump-start your holiday planning Get yourself one of these cheeky pads to inspire your ..

$8.95 $4.95

lines for all occasions guilt trips and mind games

All human communication is motivated by the desire for a specific outcome which, quite frankly, is b..


party napkins oh so snazzy -45%

party napkins oh so snazzy

These vintage-lingo party napkins are guaranteed to perk up your party with precisely the right mix ..

$8.95 $4.95

pro con journal

The ProCon Journal represents decision-making technology at its finest! Inspired by our bestselling ..


self inking stamp tmi -18%

self inking stamp tmi

When the urge to wield a rubber stamp strikes, an inkpad is rarely at hand. Imprint style and wit on..

$10.95 $8.95

selfie photo album

We all take selfies now there's a three-dimensional place to keep and display them. So get your pics..


the big book of awards for grown ups

With The Big Book of Awards for Grownups, anyone can reward (almost) anything: from saving the plane..


the pregnancy book for men

At last, a prenatal book for the expectant father that doesnt assume hes a meathead. Urbane, funny, ..


toasted book on toasting

Ordinary toasting books give you bland bromides and outdated etiquette. Toasted is a stylish, real-w..