airfree wall mount 60 air sterilizer

-43% airfree wall mount 60 air sterilizer

For libraries, archives, retire homes, offices, hotels, laboratories, hospitals, food industries and other areas where mold, mildew, bacteria have to be drastically reduced or kept at minimum levels.

This is the wall mounted version of the Air-free Enviro RL 60 Air Sterilizer. The WM 60 is approximately 11 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. It weighs approximately 4 pounds. It is ideal for bedrooms, dens, nurseries, offices, kitchens, etc.

The main advantage is obvious. Since it is attached to the wall, there is very little chance of the unit ever getting knocked over, kicked, dropped, or otherwise rendered useless by human error. Since it can be attached as high as 5 feet off the floor (in an environment with at least 8 foot ceilings), babies, pets, and small children won't be able to get their hands or paws on it to use as a football, hockey puck, volleyball, etc.


  • AIRFREE drastically reduces dust mite population and indoor airborne allergens and micro-organisms.
  • AIRFREE destroys mold, mildew and organic odors.
  • AIRFREE destroys allergic proteins (from pet dander) and pollens.
  • AIRFREE prevents allergic asthma, rintis, bronchitis, sinusitis caused by mold and airborne organic allergens.
  • AIRFREE avoids airborne cross contamination (viruses and bacteria).
  • AIRFREE takes contaminated air then sterilized it inside Airfree's patented ceramic core.
  • AIRFREE provides healthier environment for newborns and children. The best way to prevent allergy symptoms is to avoid the allergens.


  • AIRFREE has independent tests assuring its efficiency.
  • AIRFREE guarantees minimum 80% airborne micro-organism reduction in your room.
  • AIRFREE is totally silent, it will not disturb your children's sleep.
  • AIRFREE does not need parts replacement. No maintenance. No post sale additional expenses in new filters.
  • AIRFREE uses new 1999 U.S. Patented technology that uses heat to destroy micro-organisms.
  • No harmful emissions: Ozone, UV.


Air Sterilizer -- Capacity in rooms up to 250 sq. ft., or 2000 cu. ft. (24 sq. meters) Air Speed 6.7"/second (17 cm/s) Ceramic Core Internal Temperature approx. 400°F - 600°F (200 - 260°C) Maximum external temperature 144°F (warm to the touch but will not burn) (61°C) Fan speeds of air purifiers No fan Power consumption (voltage/watts) 46 watts, 110v (less than a 50 Watt light bulb) Noise level totally silent Dimensions 11.5" X 5.6" X 5" (29X13X12 cm) Shipping weight (lbs) 4 lbs (1.8 kg) Certifications ISO, CE, UL Maintenance Requires no maintenance Warranty 2 year

One left brand new never plug in, packaging a little worn.

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