• am pm michael graves millennium mantle clock

The AMPM Clock designed by Architect Michael Graves is the Mantel Clock of the next Millennium. Made of solid Wood and measuring 10 H x 8 W x 6 D this clock employs a quartz movement with an easy access door in the rear to adjust the time or change the battery. AMPM is designed to go anywhere the mantel, coffee table, bookcase or office or to enhance that coveted void.   Whether it is the Oh Watch, the Newark Museum Watch or the Chronograph Watch, Graves love for the timepiece is on-going. It is reflected in both critical and commercial terms. AMPM, the next future icon can best be described in Graves own words. We have suspended this timepiece between solid supports, leaving the pendulum space in which to mark time. The passage of the hours is embodied in the form of the clock as gateway, which can be seen as a threshold either to the next 12 hours, or to a new century. Michael Graves AMPM Mantel Clock (2001)

Age crack is evident on the bezel below 7- ask for a photo

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am pm michael graves millennium mantle clock

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