A wedding band has long been the only ring that actually accomplishes multiple things.  It both signifies that you're a married man but it also, by some weird law of nature, attracts more women.  (Single guys, give it a shot.)  Now, you can buy a ring that also serves two purposes, it looks cool and also opens your beer.  Its a much slicker way to open a bottle than using one of those freebie keychain openers you got while trying to kick some game to a beer promotions girl.  Plus, perfect for the holidays, this is a set of two Bottle Opener Rings, so you can give one as a gift or use the other to propose to that lucky lady (to which shell say no).
Sizes med and large    2pc set

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bottle opener ring set

  • Brand: roloWORLD
  • Product Code: 17348
  • Availability: 6
  • $9.95

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