If John Cusack had this Cherry Pit Ghetto Blaster Pillow to hold on to he would never have ended up cold in the rain.  The Cherry Pit Ghetto Blaster pillow can go straight into the microwave, oven or fridge to keep you burning hot or icy cold.  Made in Europe and printed on 100 cotton.  This pillow follows old traditional European customs as a remedy for aches and pains by filling it with cherry pits. The cherry pits provide moist penetrating heat when hot or acts as a comforting ice pack for inflammation and burns.  Approximately 29x27x3.5cm in size. Microwave: 300 W, 2 min. Oven: 100C, 15 min. wrapped in aluminum Fridge or freezer: approx. 45 min. in a plastic bag

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cherry pit pillow hot cool ghetto blaster

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