• clocky alarm clock on wheels pink
If youre favorite song is Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning, then make room on your night table for Clocky. Clocky gives you ONE chance to get up. If you choose to snooze, believe it or not, Clocky will jump right off your night table (up to 3 feet) and wheel around your bedroom looking for a place -- far away from your bed -- to hide, beeping all the while, before sounding his alarm again. And, yes, you WILL have to get out of bed to silence his alarm.   The snooze time can be set from 0-9 minutes, so if you set it at 0 Clocky immediately runs away. If you want Clocky to be just like every other alarm clock on the block, and stay put on your night table, simply disable his wheels. Moves on wood or carpet. Sounds like a deranged R2D2 hitting a bell. 
Dimensions: 5 12 inches L x 3 12 inches W x 3 12 inches D. Requires 4AAA Batteries. Not Included.

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clocky alarm clock on wheels pink

  • Brand: Nanda Home
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