Prehistoric creatures reminiscent of retro toys are transformed to become unique lamps that will inspire roars of happiness. Use 7W Bulb
Apatosaurus is the correct name for the dinosaur once known as Brontosaurus. Brontosaurus was named in the late 1800s from bones of a dinosaur already named Apatosaurus. Scientists realized the mistake in 1911, but the name Brontosaurus stuck for many years. By any name, Apatosaurus was a huge dinosaur. It roamed the North American West along with many other giant plant eaters, including Diplodocus, Barosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Camarasaurus. How did all of these dinosaurs share the same food sources Perhaps by feeding at different heights from the forest trees. Text by Dino Don Lessem
Material: Poly Resin
Dimensions: 20 cm tall x 38 cm long

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dinosaur light brontosaurus

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