dinosaur light stegosaurus

-17% dinosaur light stegosaurus

Prehistoric creatures reminiscent of retro toys are transformed to become unique lamps that will inspire roars of happiness. Use 7W Bulb
Stegosaurus was the largest of the plate-backed plant eaters, and it has stumped scientists for many years. When found more than a century ago, it was thought to have walked on two legs. And scientists once thought the bundle of nerves near its tail was a second brain. One scientist suggested that its plates could flap. Others thought the plates were used in defense but they are too thin. Maybe they were used to cool or warm the animal or to attract mates. Stegosauruss spiked tail, however, could have been a weapon. A tailbone of Allosaurus has a hole in it the size of a Stegosaurus tail spike. Text by Dino Don Lessem
Material: Poly Resin
Dimensions:20 cm tall x 38 cm long

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