CONVENIENT, HEALTHY EATING, DROP and TWIST SYSTEM Over 80 of people asked prefer to heat their foods up at their destinations with a thermal container if they could, without swapping out foods... 
HOW CONVENIENT   ....and would like to simply dishwasher clean.  
PREP MANY INSERTS - Make larger batches of food to be portioned and stored with the stoppers (included) in the freezer or fridge, using little space. HEALTHY EATING- Made with fresh ingredients and a touch of love.
PORTION CONTROL-- Fill it to the rim or measure out your portion easily.
ONE CONTAINER - Take from the freezer fridge -- microwave-- dishwasher
CONVENIENT - Freshly Frozen foods, take many and have available for the morning rush EVERYDAY SIZED - 16oz inserts are the perfect size for most portions and food sizes, use most regular utensils and eat directly out of containers.
SAFER HANDLING - Cool to the rim design lets you travel cool and heat reheat later without special tools, 3 wall design with additional insulation.
ENVIRONMENTAL BETTER -reusable inserts, just pack them up and dishwasher again, and again, and again - not having to wash 3 containers for one meal, a great savings.

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drop and twist slim cats thermal food container 16 oz

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