• eisch glas jeunesse malt whisky glass set
Today, Eisch is known internationally for the quality and innovation in the glassware they produce. The Sensis Plus Glass elevates the enjoyment of whisky and other beverages to a new level. The Sensis Plus Glass is made of high-quality lead-free crystal. After the manufacturing process, the glasses undergo an additional Sensis Plus treatment, which gives them their specific properties. Sensis Plus glasses offer a completely new experience in the enjoyment of whisky-- whisky poured in Sensis Plus glasses becomes more harmonious and complex, with better balance and greater elegance. Through a completely natural process, the original character and structure of the whisky are preserved, while its aromas and flavors become more expressive and generous. Sensis Plus glasses also improve the enjoyment of wines, spirits, fruit juices, sparkling water, and other beverages. The Sensis Plus Glass is light, thin, and durable. The Superior Sensis Plus Glass line utilizes Advanced Pulled Stem Technology (Production from 1 Piece) due to this they are very break resistant. Every Sensis Plus glass has an identifying label on the goblet and a sand-etched mark (wave) at the bottom identifying it as an Eisch produced Sensis Plus Glass. CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS The Sensis Plus Glass does not lose its effectiveness - ever. And, it has no special cleaning requirements. Wash it as you would other quality crystal glasses. Sensis Plus glasses are dishwasher safe. Height: 160mm 6 14 Capacity: 160ml 5.6 oz Leadfree Crystal Handmade Dishwasher Proof WHISKY MAGAZINE, WINNING GLASS Eisch Glas Jeunesse Whisky Glass, The Whisky Magazine , Issue 242002 Best nosing glass for blended whisky - Tied First Best nosing glass for Single Malts - First Best nosing glass for Cask Strength Malts - First

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eisch glas jeunesse malt whisky glass set

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