• eshish watermelon mint
Nothing spells refreshment like the great taste of watermelon - except when a little mint is added to the mix. A pack of five watermelon with mint flavoured disposable shisha sticks will last for approximately 300 puffs per stick. This tasty flavour combination comes without any of the harmful toxins associated with tobacco products and that means there is zero nicotine and tar. Eshish is a unique product that has been proved to be 99 less harmful when compared with nicotinetobacco based products, electronic or otherwise. Eshish can be smoked indoors and has a wide range of flavours to suit everyone's needs. The product was first introduced into the marketplace in 2012 and by quarter two of 2013 it has become a very up and coming electronic vaping device. The beauty of an Eshish stick is that it is a disposable device which can be smoked indoors and is odourless. It also causes no harm to others around you via passive smoking. Unlike most other electronic smoking devices, Eshish has a sophisticated and classy look and feel to it. When vaping a crystal on the end of the shisha stick lights up.  The smoke that is produced by eShish sticks is not smoke but a vapour similar to the steam produced by boiling water. Unlike tobacco that is burnt, the non-toxic liquid contained in eShish stick is heated and produces a flavoured but odourless vapour. The smoke quickly dissipates so will not fog a room or subject to others in the same area to passive smoking. Specifications No Tobacco No Nicotine No Tar Odour Free 300+ puffs Legal to smoke indoors

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eshish watermelon mint

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