• greeting card erin smith treat everyone with equal disdain
Erin Smith Art was born from a place that many are afraid to go. Never at a loss for words, (you know, the behind the hand under the breath, witticism that everyone in hearing distance pretends they didn't hear while snickering away), after the birth of her second son she decided that people needed to face the music and get real! Overwhelmingly, people all over the world have embraced her sentiments, with shocked gasps of..I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME!! Inspired by the family photo album her grandmother gave her, Erin combines digital imagery and collage with her own family photos. The heart of each is the prose, which is the sometimes meandering, sometimes concise lyrics of a day in real REAL life. Fueled by sarcasm, the desire for a drama free life, and knowing that taking it 'one day at a time' is a euphemism for a typical day being an iceberg instead of warm sand and a rum drink...she is like you and needs to see as much humour in the day as she can! exterior: it's nothing personal. i treat everyone with equal disdain Inside:blank Dimensions:5x7

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greeting card erin smith treat everyone with equal disdain

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