Is your cat is beginning to show his age is he spending most of his time lazing around on the sofa with dreams running through his mind Have you considered that he might be bored He was cute as a kitten and your attention was solely his, but now you've moved on a bit and don't have time for him. All he can do is eat and sleep, there's nothing to keep his mind going and keep him youthful.   Maybe your faithful little kitty craves the fast life, maybe he needs something to help him relive his youth.Forget a mid-life crisis sports car, a tank is where it's at! Or how about a massive fire engine Give your fluffy friend the opportunity to be a kitten once more by building up his very own play house! Choose between a green tank with suitable anti-dog slogans, or a classic bright red fire engine for your cat to sit in and pretend he's fighting fires! Each play house comes flat-packed, meaning your cat will be all the more appreciative when you build it up!
Dimensions: Fire Engine (Built): H 440mm W 590mm D 231mm Fire Engine (Packaged): H 625mm W 434mm D 150mm

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cat playhouse fire truck

  • Brand: SuckUK
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