kitchen gadgets

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arnold turtle bottle cap opener

With Arnold around, no bottle top is safe. This clever Turtle will come to grips with stubborn t..


bacon ceramic spoon rest

Bacon might not seem like the obvious choice for keeping your counter clean. But in the case of the ..


bag clip black cat set

Keep food fresh with this cute set of bag clips. Give to any cat-lover as the perfect house warming ..


baking cups aristocakes crowns

AristoCakes turn any party into a royal ball! Just add these clever, crown-shaped cupcake bakers to ..


baking cups fresh picked

FRESH PICKED baking cups much ado about muffin Bring the fun of the farmer's market right to y..


baking cups neat eats flower cupcakes

Neat Eats aren't your garden-variety cupcake molds. Each charming silicone pot comes with an adorabl..


baking cups yumbots robots

YumBots are happy to serve mankind. Just fill their cubic heads with cake batter and set your oven t..


beauty clean kitchen gloves

BEAUTY CLEAN wash gloves have a dazzling gem built in, so you never have to sacrifice style while ..


bites and pieces crust cutter

BITES AND PIECES sandwich cutter if the pieces fit, eat them Mix up the pieces and challenge j..


bloody splash spoon rest -15%

bloody splash spoon rest

Ladles dripping with sauce are inevitable, save yourself the cleanup whilst adding a splash of colou..

$19.95 $16.95

bone dry heavy duty cleaning gloves -33%

bone dry heavy duty cleaning gloves

BONE Dry-kitchen gloves work your fingers to the bone Work your fingers to the bone, while kee..

$14.95 $9.95

bread heads sandwich stamps

BREAD HEAD sandwich stamps friends make lunchtime fun! Hey, mom...make fun, friendly, hand-siz..


bubble scrubber dish brush

BUBBLE SCRUBBER bubble wand dish brush blow bubbles while you wash the dishes Turn your dish chor..


bunny rabbit and carrot paper towel holder

Kitchen paper roll holder in ABS, PP and Surlyn. The rabbit character, an example of the figurativ..


character apron sesame street cookie monster

Baking cookies will never be more fun than when you are wearing the Cookie Monster apron. This fun a..