Skull and Crossbones ice cube trays Chill your beverages to the bone! Fill and freeze our Bone Chillers tray and you'll create an icy array of skulls and crossbones that'll have everyone's timbers shivering. If pirates had freezers and a penchant for cold drinks, this is the ice cube tray they would use!   You get a 4-12 x 8-14 silicone rubber ice cube tray that makes 8 ice cubes at a time, 4 skulls and 4 crossbones. If you get creative with the colors of the liquid you use to make ice, you can do some really cool stuff. Who doesn't want a purple skull keeping their lemonade cold For crystal clear ice, try boiling the water, letting it cool, and boiling it again before pouring the water into the tray.   Dimension: 20 x 10 cm Weight: 80 gr

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ice cube tray bone chiller

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