in a nutshell mature love note cards

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We get in the middle and GET you a little! In a Nutshell cards are the perfect little note cards to give or sneak to your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, the naughty other side, the other other partner... which ever one you choose!   
1. Despite our wrinkles & tight-fitting belts, you still make me twinkle and still make me melt. 2. Ho hum, you're the one...drop the clothes and gimme some. 3. Wearing nothing but sheer my dear, so bring those cute buns over here! 4, Kissing you all over the place & here's another one...just in case! 5. Bring me your junk you big hunk! 6. You, are the missing piece to my puzzle...nuzzle, nuzzle. 7. Let's hit vacation, for a little rejuvenation! 8. Need your touch, your lips on mine...our legs entwined. 9. Picture the past...I remember your mast, standing tall and forever last! 10. Here, there &'s only hair, I don't care. 11. You are incredible & incredibly edible! 12. Love your hands and I love your mouth, but our sagging bods are going south! 13. Retirement isn't everything...battling snoring & shrinky, ding-a-ling. 14. Hit your bed & I'll hit mine, ol' Valentine. 15. I'll never forget the day we first met, my little pet.      Grab a pack & jump in the sack! Includes: 15 pillow-size cards, 15 envelopes, in a see-through trendy tin, and a seed paper to grow a whole new relationship... or wild flowers. Size: 10cm W x 7cm H  when card is folded

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