• magnetic wtf whiteboard
WTF MAGNETIC WHITE BOARD KNOCK KNOCK Take fun to a new level with this WTF whiteboard. Its dry-erase construction means it can be wiped an infinite amount of times. Whether its a little bit of light hearted joking between you and your housemates, a funny dialogue between you and your partner or just to leave reminders for yourself, this is one versatile whiteboard.   Nobody likes a passive aggressive not, but lets be honest, sometimes people just get on your nerves! Dishes piled up in the sink, mess left around the house. Its time to leave a WTF note! Is your neighbour playing the fiddle in the backyard at 4am to an audience of bantam hens while your housemates are out Leave them a WTF note! Is the zombie apocalypse coming Warn your friends by leaving a WTF note! FEATURES Re-usable whiteboard w black marker Sticks to most metal surfaces Exclamation point and question mark check boxes For WTF remarks! SPECIFICATIONS Board dimensions: 11cm x 9.5cm

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magnetic wtf whiteboard

  • Brand: Knock Knock
  • Product Code: 19004
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  • $8.95